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Your worried about your Mom and Dad, their not as young and healthy as they used to be but still as stubborn as ever and don’t want to go to that nice retirement home or move in with you. Advances in technology can help, keeping you informed about the stae of their health without being intrusive.

You talked to your Mom earlier but she wasn’t sounding good although she never complains, you just wish you know what was really going on with her health. If you have an older loved one who lives independently and wants to remain independent but their health or mental faculties are deteriorating and you can’t be there all the time, we have a solution. Advances in technology have made it possible to unobtrusively keep track of your loved ones health and well being. Things like the monitors they use daily for blood sugar and blood pressure can via the Web also tell you what they are reading. An application on your smartphone or tablet can provide instant feedback on their physical state. With the help and advise of their Doctors things like blood sugar and blood pressure highs and lows can be  parameterized so that if they are above or below what their doctor advises you can be automatically alerted. This applies to other things to, are they eating, taking their medications,  sleeping, wondering out of the house in the middle of the night? The internet and simple sensors allow you to understand in real-time what’s really going on with your loved ones health and well-being.


Automation and Entertainment offers the very best in technology for individuals who want to remain safe, independent and healthy at home.

By offering GrandCare’s Home Health systems technology and customized solutions Automation and Entertainment can provide proven high-end technology products and services to improve the lives of the aging or disabled and those who care for them.


From Our Clients…

"Paul and the Automation and Entertainment team were able to undo the mistakes made by our previous home automation contractor."
- Boyd Fellows, Ross, CA

"Paul’s creative know how and design expertise can get you everything on your home automation and entertainment “wish list”.
- Darcy Leschly, Atherton, CA

“I love the visual effect of the stacked components and custom-built black cabinets in the living room.  I told everyone what I wanted, and that’s just what I got.”
- Robert Miller, Los Angeles, CA

"Paul and his team are exceptionally committed to delivering you the finest, best and most cutting edge experience possible with an absolute dedication to customer service."
- Dan S., San Mateo, CA

"I have never heard or seen anything like what they are able to deliver, even in the local commercial theaters."
- Hope Faraj, , Los Gatos, CA

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