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Green Services

SunPower is Solar Elegance

As part of Automation and Entertainment’s complete Home Automation offering we can design Alternative Power systems to help lower you’re cost –of-ownership and provide solutions for achieving a sustainable lifestyle. Automation and Entertainment’s team can design and install efficient controls, as well as Alternative and Uninterruptible Power Systems to suit your needs, lifestyle, and site demands.

Our services can include:

Energy audits and response plans and Intelligent controls designed to reduce or eliminate unnecessary power use.

  • Complete power-down of all A/V equipment when not in use
  • One button, whole house “away mode” turns off everything that is not necessary
  • Arms security systems sets lighting to low consumption mode and secures entries
  • Optimized lighting and HVAC controls
  • Intelligent irrigation programming
  • Reduced consumption pool/spa programmin
  • Zero power green theaters
  • Alternative and Renewable energy systems design and installation
  • Thermal optimized window coverings
  • Application of qualified “green” A/V components
  • Low power TV replacement
  • Free electronics recycling (regardless if purchased from us


Residential Solar Power

Automation and Entertainment is an authorized Sun Power® dealer/installer. Why did we choose SunPower® over less expensive foreign alternatives? Not only are SunPower® solar panels the most powerful and efficient on the market, they’re also the best looking. SunPower® solar panels have no metallic grid lines on the surface of the panel and will blend harmoniously into the roof of your home. Backed by the industry’s best warranty, SunPower® residential solar panels combine brains, brawn and beauty to provide the most efficient, renewable solar energy and they are made in the USA. For more information on SunPower® Signature Black solar panels click here

Residential Solar Hot Water

Solar water heating is a great way of staving off increasing energy costs. A solar water heater is far and away the easiest initial investment in renewable energy. Heating water is the second largest energy load in most homes, just behind space heating. Installing a thermal solar water heating system will save you significant money and help protect the environment. A residential solar water heating system saves a typical family up to 90% of their hot water demands in the summer, 75% in the fall and spring, and 50% in the winter. Not only saving you money, a normal residential solar hot water system will prevent the equivalent of 20,000 car miles of greenhouse gases from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

There are two popular kinds of solar water collectors, the traditional flat plate and the recently more common evacuated tube systems. Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses; we can install the type of system most suitable for the location and your needs with intelligent controls to maximize efficiency and ROI.

Other Alternative / Renewable Energy Systems

Automation and Entertainment also has experience with other Alternative and Off-Grid power solutions including Cogeneration systems, Residential Fuel Cells, and Wind Power. We are always researching and evaluating new technologies, products and manufacturers to ensure we have the solution that’s the most efficient and reliable possible. Alternative and Renewable power systems are often site dependent so whether you are on or off “grid” we can design a solution that’s right for your home that is reliable and will pay for itself many times over.

Uninterruptible and “Clean” Power Solutions

In order to provide a truly secure and reliable environment Automation and Entertainment designs and installs Uninterruptible Power Solutions and power conditioning systems for all critical systems to ensure the reliability and longevity of all the sophisticated electronic systems in your home. Whether it’s a grid power outage, lightning strikes, or a brownout you’re investment is protected.

Energy Management

Your home may already have a Godzilla sized carbon footprint or perhaps you’d like to upgrade your lifestyle but don’t want the increased energy bill, carbon footprint, and guilt that may go with it. Well worry no more, you can have your cake and eat it too! Automation and Entertainment’s experience and expertise with home controls can help. Designing and implementing intelligent controls, efficient systems, and renewable energy systems can lower or even eliminate your home’s carbon footprint. There’s a wealth of ways to lower your home’s impact on the environment that will save you money and help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing your home’s enjoyment or security.

Contact us today, we’re here to help you realize your dream home.

From Our Clients…

"Paul and the Automation and Entertainment team were able to undo the mistakes made by our previous home automation contractor."
- Boyd Fellows, Ross, CA

"Paul’s creative know how and design expertise can get you everything on your home automation and entertainment “wish list”.
- Darcy Leschly, Atherton, CA

“I love the visual effect of the stacked components and custom-built black cabinets in the living room.  I told everyone what I wanted, and that’s just what I got.”
- Robert Miller, Los Angeles, CA

"Paul and his team are exceptionally committed to delivering you the finest, best and most cutting edge experience possible with an absolute dedication to customer service."
- Dan S., San Mateo, CA

"I have never heard or seen anything like what they are able to deliver, even in the local commercial theaters."
- Hope Faraj, , Los Gatos, CA

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